We are producing some special plastic protector which have improved shape or material characteristic for the better protection of the pipe. Some example follows.


tjp TJP is a new generation of premium thread protectors for drill pipe and drill collar connections. Ensure maximum protection for tool joint threads and seals, from moisture intrusion and corrosion and maximum temperature range (-46 to +66 C).

Interactive 3D PDF files tjp pin, tjp box look exactly like the original 3D design


gun GUN protectors are special products for perforating tools. GUN are produced in blank form for CNC threading only in CENL configuration.

Interactive 3D PDF files look exactly like the original 3D design


special end cap

special end cap The end cap has been developed for special protectors where it is necessary to avoid any fall outs during transport or handling. At the same time it is possible to screw in protectors to the pipe with attached end cap.