le rap

le rap The LE-RAP packaging system is a reusable pipe packaging system which integrates lifting eves designed to handle pipe packages of up to 6 metric tonne within an ambient temperature of -10 oc < 14 °Fl.

The LE-RAP packaging system is composed of rugged galvanized steel structures called frames. The frames contain high density polyethylene segments reinforced with galvanized rectangular steel tubing. Like all RAP systems, each package requires four frames. In the case of the LE-RAP'" packaging system, the center frames have lifting eves.

Each joint of pipe is placed in its own matching diameter recess. This feature reduces the risk of corrosion and impact damage.

After assembly, the package is secured by bolts linking the bottom member of the structure to the ends of the solid bars which extend through the top segments of each frame. The package is secured by applying a make-up torque of 70 ft-lb <95 Nm> to the bolts using a properly calibrated torque wrench, not by estimation.

The package is designed to be lifted with hooks attached to the lifting eves, but can also be lifted by forklift or slings. The LE-RAP'" packaging system is available for tubular sizes ranging from 2 3/8" through 9 5/8".

le rap system

le rap system


special end cap

special end cap The end cap has been developed for special protectors where it is necessary to avoid any fall outs during transport or handling. At the same time it is possible to screw in protectors to the pipe with attached end cap.