econo rap

econo rap The ECONO-RAP'" packaging system developed in 1988 is the most affordable solution to efficient pipe handling, transportation and storage. The ECONO-RAP'" packaging system makes pipe packaging economical even for the least expensive tubulars ranging from 2 3/8" through 9 5/8".

The ECONO-RAP'" packaging system is constructed with high density polyethylene segments reinforced with galvanized rectangular steel tubing. Each joint of pipe is placed in its own matching diameter recess. This feature reduces the risk of corrosion and impact damage.

Assembly of the ECONO-RAP'" packaging system is fast and efficient. After assembly, the package is secured by a polyester band passing through the bottom and top segments of each frame. The band is tightened by applying a torque of 60 ft-lb (81 Nml to the built-in tightening device. This is accomplished by using a properly calibrated torque wrench, not by estimation. The package is lifted either by forklift or slings.

econo rap The unique design of the system allows the individual packages to interlock for optimum safety when stacked. Four frames are required for optimum stability of the pipe package.

econo rap system

econo rap


spacer rings

spacer rings Spacer rings/pipe protection rings/bumper rings provides improved protection during handling to avoid contact between pipes especially for high alloy tubulars. Spacer rings are produced from impact resistant PE in a wide temperature range. We can produce any custom diameter from 2" up to 16".