Quality control is one of most important process in APP Europe. Quality Control Procedures and Quality Control Manual are fully compliant with Drilltec Patents & Technologies Company Inc. ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for THE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OF PLASTIC AND STEEL REINFORCED PLASTIC THREAD PROTECTORS. A copy of APP Quality Control Manual is available on request.

quality certification

quality certification

quality procedure

quality procedure APP Quality Dept. monitors all operations during manufacture starting from receiving incoming goods, issuing materials to production applicable to each Purchase Order requirement, steelwork (forming, pressing and crimping) and CNC operations. During CNC operations a first off inspection is performed by the QC inspector on duty for thread form, radial play and torque make-up and records his findings, a good part is issued and signed by the QC inspector before production can commence.

During production the CNC operator inspects every 10th part for proper make-up and records findings. Every 30 minutes the QC inspector on duty inspects 3 parts at random to verify compliance with APP standards and Purchase Order requirements. After painting (if required) a final inspection is performed on at least 4 parts taken at random from each pallet before final packaging is done.

After packaging each pallet is checked to ensure that identification labels are as per the Purchase Order requirements before a final release note is issued by the QC Manager.


spacer rings

spacer rings Spacer rings/pipe protection rings/bumper rings provides improved protection during handling to avoid contact between pipes especially for high alloy tubulars. Spacer rings are produced from impact resistant PE in a wide temperature range. We can produce any custom diameter from 2" up to 16".