The work process is divided into several operations - injection moulding, steel line, CNC machines etc. Each operation requires a different technological equipment and machine operators. Plastics injection moulding takes place separately from the production of metal packaging and threading of protectors.

steel line + cnc machining / ostrava

cnc machining In Ostrava plant are finishing all products and preparing for delivery. The plastic and composite protectors are threaded on CNC machines.

First step for plastic protectors with a steel casing is production of steel casing, which is pressed onto the plastic blank. Then again follows CNC threading. Upon the request from the customer is steel casing finally painted.

injection moulding / ostrava

injection moulding In the second plant in Ostrava we produce injection moulded blanks up to 1500 grams. In addition to plastic blanks here we also produce other types of plastic pipe protection - plugs, end caps, bumper rings.

In this factory also runs additional custom manufacturing - plastic flooring systems, parts for handling and storage equipment, automotive parts, etc.

injection moulding / bruntal

injection moulding Production of big volume plastic blanks up to 5000 grams is running in the plant in Bruntal. There is also available tools workshop where we realize repair and maintenance of the moulds and production of new moulds.

We also have our own CAD office to ensure the development of new products.

metalworking and machining / sternberk

metalworking The last facility is engineering factory in Sternberk. In this plant are made steel components for protection production. At the same time we produce a number of mechanical parts from the smallest piece to many tons custom parts. If interested we provide more detailed data.


special end cap

special end cap The end cap has been developed for special protectors where it is necessary to avoid any fall outs during transport or handling. At the same time it is possible to screw in protectors to the pipe with attached end cap.